MAKE the best matcha at home.

MAKE Matcha is made from single origin parent plants from Uji, Kyoto, the region of Japan which is best known for producing the most premium matcha in the world. Selected for its high unami flavor profile that is both savory and sweet and rich aromas that complete the experience. MAKE Matcha possesses all the qualifiers required to be served in a traditional tea ceremony but is well suited to be enjoyed as an exceptional option for an everyday experience.

Harvested only once a year by choice, MAKE Matcha leaves are picked from parent plants that have had a 12 month growth cycle as compared to some plants who will grow as little as 3 months in between harvests. The longer growth cycle gives more opportunity for MAKE Matcha to absorb nutrients in the soil and deliver flavor to the young leaves before harvesting.

Located in the idyllic region of Uji, Kyoto, MAKE single origin farm has been producing premium matcha for forty years using only traditional methods and avoiding the use of any modern day technologies that could, in their  opinion, compromise the quality of the matcha. Under the guidance of Tea Master Kobayashi-san,  the terroirs natural nutrients in the soil and climate along with the precise addition of organic fertilizers, produce the most balanced leaves followed by minimal interventions during processing to protect flavor.

Prior to the annual spring harvest, MAKE Matcha leaves undergo a two week shading period which develops the leaves to perfect maturity and is a significant factor which contributes to MAKE Matcha’s rich and aromatic flavor and lack of bitter taste.

During the annual harvest, MAKE Matcha is handpicked by a team of experienced farmers over five days at the peak of maturity. The ability of the farmers to hand select only young and tender leaves with a gentle touch produces the sweet and savory flavors of MAKE Matcha.

After being harvested, MAKE Matcha leaves are ground using century old traditional techniques that uses stone grinders to create the finest powder and most delicate experience. MAKE Matcha is ground only minutes away from the farm which is just one of the ways MAKE Matcha minimizes interventions in our efforts to be responsible tea merchants.

Tea Master, Kobayashi-san, Level 10-dan

Born and raised in a family of tea makers, Kobayashi Kakuun now represents his family who have been producing tea in Japan since 1827.

With the highest certification of a level 10 Tea Master (dan in Japan) to his credit, Kobayashi-san’s remarkable tongue allows him an unparalleled ability to explore and identify the subtle nuances of matcha and has secured his reputation as one of the worlds most notable TeaMasters.

MAKE the best matcha at home

For a traditional experience, enjoy MAKE Koicha style (thick) by gently whisking 2 tsp matcha powder in 1 ounce of 176°F water until a paste is formed, or Usucha style (thin) by vigorously whisking 1 tsp matcha in 2 ounces  of 176°F water until a layer of delicate bubbles form.

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